Reasons To Consider Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations are the most popular cosmetic procedure, with approximately 400,000 women getting it done every year. When you aren’t happy with your breasts, you want to change them and make them fit better into your lifestyle. Here are some reasons you should consider getting a breast augmentation.

Unhappy With Breast Size

Whether you struggle with excessively large or very tiny breasts, you want to feel comfortable in your body. If you have small breasts, your doctor will recommend a size of implant that will best suit your body shape. If you want to go a little bigger, then work with your doctor about how you can make that happen. Depending on how much you want to increase your breast size, you might find that you need to wear spacers to expand the skin on your breasts before you can get your implants put in.

On the flip side, if you have very large breasts, you could find that you benefit greatly from a breast reduction Cary NC. Your large breasts could be causing pain in your back or shoulders or make some tasks, such as running or jumping, almost impossible to do. Or perhaps you’re just uncomfortable with how they look on your body and are ready for a change.

When you get a breast reduction, the doctor might also have to do a lift. Because of that, you’ll find that you will have an incision around your areola and in the crease where your breast meets your chest. However, the scarring is usually minimal and is easy to hide.

Droopy Breasts After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can do quite a number on your breasts. When you are pregnant, your breasts are usually much fuller than usual because of the hormones in your body. Then, when your milk comes in, your breasts can get quite a bit fuller. Changes in your breasts are even more noticeable if you’ve had multiple children.

Once you’re sure that you are done having children, talk to a plastic surgeon. They’ll examine your breasts and determine if you simply need a breast lift or if you would benefit from implants as well.

Seek To Look Younger

As women age, their breasts naturally lose volume and start to sag. Some women even have their breasts shrink in size. If you love to wear sexy dresses and don’t want to lose your voluptuous silhouette, then you should consider getting a breast augmentation.