It is okay not to be happy with the shape and size of your breasts. Suppose you feel you need to undergo a procedure to make them look in a way that would boost your confidence. In that case, Breast Augmentation Miami is something you should consider. Breast augmentation is a procedure that is commonly known as a boob job. It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures which has been around for decades. With the advancement in technology, there are various options that you could choose from before undergoing the procedure. When you are planning to undergo the procedure, the following are some factors which you should take into consideration before making the call about the type of procedure that you want to opt for.

Which kind of implant do you want to opt for?

Saline and Silicone are two of the classic implant choices. There is a third option in breast augmentation procedures, which is quickly gaining popularity. It is known as the “gummy bear” implant. It is a type of silicone implant but has a cohesive silicone gel, which is cross-linked in nature. It is more effective in taking shape and has little risk of wrinkling or rippling. Silicone implants are a better choice because they tend to hold shape, and it wouldn’t seep into the body in case of a rupture. If you opt for a gummy bear implant, you wouldn’t need to replace it as often as the other traditional implants. The cohesive gel which is used makes the implant look and feel very natural.

How long is the recovery period?

Whenever you are undergoing any procedure, one thing that is always on your mind is how long the recovery period would be and what it entailed. The under-the-muscle augmentation technique is the most minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon carefully forms a breast pocket for the implant. This procedure also significantly brings down the risk of bruising, bleeding, and pain post-operatively.

Is it a good idea to undergo a combination of procedures?

More and more women who plan to undergo breast augmentation choose to combine this procedure with another procedure. One of the procedures that breast augmentation most gets clubbed with is a breast lift. Breast lift is perfect for those women who have recently had children or have lost a significant amount of weight and are bothered by the sagging skin, stretch marks, or the nipples, which now rest too low. Combing these two procedures can help to restore the volume and unwanted sagging of the breasts. If you plan to undergo a breast lift sometime later in life, then it is best to combine both the procedures. Reason being that when you undergo both breast lift and breast augmentation procedures together, it becomes easier to recover. Unlike undergoing two procedures and then recovering from both individually. Performing two procedures simultaneously will also help to reduce scarring, recovery time and would also be cost-effective.