5 Most common hair removal mistakes you can avoid

Whether you are a loyal shaver or a regular user of hair removal creams, it’s easy to pick a razor, apply hair removal cream, or pull off the waxing strips in one go. And you are left with glowing skin in few minutes.

But what about the prickly skin after shaving, ingrown hair due to waxing mistakes, or skin problems you had to face because you didn’t test run before applying hair removal cream?

We all have been there. It’s easy to not think too much before going for your preferred method of hair removal at home when you have been doing it for years. But here’s the thing: you have been making mistakes while getting rid of unwanted hair without even realizing it.

What are these mistakes and how can you avoid them to get smooth skin without side effects? Let’s discuss.


  • Dry shaving

Remember those times when you quickly run a razor over a few strands on your legs or under your arms without a shaving cream before getting ready for the special lunch or evening out?

But to spend those extra seconds to leather the shaving cream is crucial to avoid razor burns and irritation that you have to face for days after shaving.

Shaving cream helps a razor glide seamlessly on your skin leaving it smoother skin sans missed out hair and razor burns.

  • Using an old razor

 When was the last time you put a razor on your shopping list? Using an old razor increases the chance of nicks and cuts as you have to push the razor harder against your skin to remove hair.

When you feel that your hair is catching in the razor blade or the razor isn’t gliding as smoothly it’s a sign that you need a new razor.


  • Avoiding exfoliation and after-wax care

 Whether you book an appointment for full-body hair removal or do it on your own at home, one step most of us miss before waxing – exfoliation.

Most women complain of dealing with ingrown hair as a side effect of waxing. That is because you are probably not exfoliating before waxing. Dead skin cells often build up around hair follicles not giving hair enough space to grow up and out. As a result, they curl inward causing ingrown hair.

Exfoliating a day before your waxing session can help you avoid ingrown hair and give you smoother skin with less waxing irritation.

Talking about irritation and sensitive skin not taking the right care post-waxing can take a toll on your skin. Touching your smooth skin might be tempting but this might transfer dirt and bacteria and clog your skin pores. So it’s better to keep your hands off of your skin post waxing.

Also, wear soft, loose cotton clothes to lessen skin irritation and avoid hot showers or too much sun exposure for at least 24 hours after waxing.

  • Waxing the wrong length of hair

 Another mistake we all tend to do is waxing hair that is too short or too long. And the result, less effective and uncomfortable waxing session.

So what’s the ideal hair length for waxing? Quarter-inch or hair that is as long as a grain of rice. Hair any short or longer than this will result in a painful waxing session.

Depilatory creams

  • Skipping the test run

 We all know that hair removal creams contain certain chemicals that literally dissolve hair at the follicle level. But applying just any hair removal cream in haste or keeping it for longer than necessary might lead to skin irritation.

But there is a way to avoid this mishap. Apply the hair removal cream on the small part of the desired area and test run to know about any side effects. If you don’t experience any irritation, red skin, or other side effects in the next 24 hours, you can safely use the depilatory cream.

Whatever the hair removal method you choose spending few extra minutes before and after to avoid these mistakes can ensure effective hair removal and leave you with smoother skin without any side effects.