Hemp And Marijuanas – Legal Or Not?

What is hemp?

Hemp is nothing but a form of weed or cannabis, which has about 0.3 percentage of THC in it. Hemp has many uses and benefits as well, which are considered helpful for many people suffering from certain medical conditions. If you use more than 0.3 percent of cannabis in hemp, it is very likely to get you high and, at that moment it will not work as a medicine for your medical condition, whereas if you keep it in the right concentration it is guaranteed that it will not get you high. It will help release your stress for sure then. 

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is another form of weed that is used to get high by many people all around the world. It has a concentration or contents of cannabis having THC more than 0.3 percent by the dry weight, which means it is bred in a way that it has more amount of cannabis in it. Marijuana is available in many different strains in the market around you or even in online stores as well. You can buy it from any of these and use it for whatever purpose you bought it.

hemp vs marijuanas

Hemp and marijuana are the same, as you know by now. The only difference is the amount of THC present in it by dry weight, which is solely responsible for making it either a consumable one or the one that just gets you high. The flower leaves and, the stalk of the cannabis is considered to have more content of THC than its seeds. Thus, the flowers are used for vaporizing while the seeds are used for extracting the oil. The oil is known as CBD oil and is high in protein and fiber. So, it means that hemp vs marijuanas has no difference in their content quantity.

Is it legal to use any of these?

Hemp and marijuana; both have been legalized in many countries and are sold openly in stores. You can buy them legally if you are a resident of one such country otherwise; it might be illegal for you to buy them. The reason behind legalizing them is that cannabis has many health benefits because of; which it is used by many people as medicine, which helps them reduce stress and feel better. It also helps them have a sound sleep. You can also use either of them for the reason you want to.