Know More About The Type Of Male Catheters Available Today

If you are looking out for male catheterization but do not know where to begin, here is a simplified guide that will help you better understand. Well, irrespective of your medical condition, you will get options to choose the right catheters for your needs. Additionally, you will come across many insurance companies that will make sure to cover the use of sterile intermittent catheters. So, now without taking too much of your time, we will help you understand this better.

What are male catheters?

So, to begin with, the basics, let us tell you what catheters are in general. It is a flexible thin tube inserted into the urethra, which helps in draining the urine from the bladder. These days, safe body catheters are used, which are very comfortable to the body.

The materials used in making these include the following:

  • Silicone
  • PVC
  • Red rubber latex 

What are the types of male catheters available today?

  • Straight male catheters: These are also known as uncoated catheters, which require manual lubrication before they are inserted into the urethra. For this usually, single-use packets of sterile lubricating jelly are used.
  • Male closed system catheters: This is known as a touchless catheter which is perfect to use while travelling. This is most beneficial to people who are on wheelchair as they can conveniently use these kits. 

Know some difficulties that occur while using catheter and how to overcome them?

Difficulty in insertion: many men face difficulties while inserting this object past the prostrate.

  • Tip: So, to make the insertion process simple, you need to take some deep breaths while you relax your muscles and give a slight cough when you are inserting the catheter into your body. Also, you can use a catheter which has a tapered tip that simplifies the process of insertion for you.

Finding the right entering spot: In a woman’s case, there will be more difficulties finding the urethra.

  • Tip: Your trainer will have to help you with this process until you are comfortable doing it independently.

Make sure you consult a medical professional who will be able to guide you on this catheterization process. In case you are having major issues, you can seek help without any hassles. Also, check out a simple buying guide before you make your purchase. Check out for options and decide which one is going to be perfect for your needs.