5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Orthodontist Appointment in Dublin Ohio!

Recent CDC studies have shown that the vast majority of American teenagers and adults aren’t receiving dental care as much as they’d like to, and this also has a direct impact on the amount of orthodontic treatment received by both teens and adults throughout the country.

There are many different factors contributing to this lack of professional oral health care, including common barriers like distance, time and dental anxiety. These barriers are also a huge reason why virtual orthodontist appointments have grown in popularity throughout recent years.

The virtual orthodontist dublin ohio experts at JK Orthodontics have provided this in-depth list of five reasons why you might consider this type of appointment, so check out the below sections to see why going virtual could be a good option for you or your child’s orthodontic care!

Virtual Orthodontic Consultations Save Patients Time

Everyone knows just how valuable their time is in today’s constantly busy world, and your busy schedule could play a huge factor in determining if you should try out virtual orthodontic consultations.

You’ll inevitably save a lot of time by doing a virtual visit, because your orthodontist will see you and review your information at a time (and place) that’s more convenient for your daily needs. Many people conduct these types of appointments from their comfort of their own homes, and many orthodontists will also provide virtual follow-up appointments in certain scenarios as well!

Minimizing Financial Pressure

Most reputable orthodontists will offer complimentary consultations, including both in-person and virtual. Your consultation appointment is your opportunity to ask about insurance, payment options and financing plans—which is huge for ensuring that your treatment coincides with your budget.

Virtual orthodontic consultations also significantly reduce the amount of pressure that you’ll feel while trying to make these investment decisions, because being virtual will inevitably give you more convenience and time to consider your best options.

Reducing COVID-19 Exposure

Virtual orthodontic appointments originally became popular back in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, and these appointments are still important today when it comes to reducing viral illness exposure for both patients and healthcare professionals.

We all remember how COVID carriers can be asymptomatic, which is why social distancing is still an important strategy to avoid getting sick. Virtual consultations and appointments can go a long way to minimize that amount of time that you’re physically at an orthodontist’s office, which subsequently reduces the overall likelihood of infection.

Reducing Anxiety

About 60% of all American adults have some form of dental anxiety, and this type of healthcare anxiety often leads to patients missing appointments are avoiding care altogether. And as is easy to imagine, neglecting oral care of any kind will inevitably lead to a greater need for treatment later in the future!

But the good news is that virtual orthodontic appointments can dramatically reduce a patient’s anxiety, because you won’t experience the same kind of discomfort during these types of doctor visits!

Enhancing Personal Security & Privacy

Virtual orthodontic appointments are always fully confidential, which is very important to many patients and orthodontists. You’ll be in full control of your environment during these appointments, which can make you feel more comfortable about sharing your thoughts and concerns with your oral health specialist.

Knowing that your valuable treatment information is fully secure and private can ultimately enhance your treatment experience and improve your end results!

Reach Out to JK Orthodontics When Looking for a Virtual Orthodontist in Dublin Ohio!

If you feel nervous about receiving orthodontic treatment in terms of the costs, procedures, time or personal health issues, then virtual consultation appointments might be your best option. There are many reasons why people prefer virtual consultations, and the above reasons are just the beginning in terms of why virtual orthodontists have grown in popularity throughout recent years.

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