Home Remedies For Thick Hair

The dream of flaunting thick and gorgeous hair needs great attention. By quickly glancing at this blog let’s cover some of the home remedies for growing thick hair. These remedies will supplement your hair with vital nutrients, proteins, and vitamins that will give you effective results while keeping your wallet happy.

Let’s take a look at them:

  • Castor Oil

Free up your schedule and plan some hangouts with castor oil. It has an arsenal of ingredients that will nourish your scalp and make your hair thicker. The rich combination of vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants will boost your hair growth and improve the blood circulation in your scalp. It soaks up all dirt and oil residue from your scalp, cleansing the hair follicles in the process. It even seals up the moisture in your strands so that they remain flexible and lustrous.

  • Healthy Diet:

 Yes, a change in dietary plans should also be on your list. The stem cells of your hair follicles need a balanced diet to control their cellular metabolism and maintain their health. Food items that help produce thicker hair are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, fatty acids, and proteins. So, consider switching to a diet that includes curry leaves, eggs, amla, peanuts, ­fish, eggs, sunflower seeds, and spinach.

  • Methi seeds:

It doesn’t matter if you like methi or not; your hair follicles are bound to love it! It is a feast for them, as methi seeds have an abundance of iron, nicotinic acid, and proteins that help in fortifying your strands. Methi seeds also contain “hormone antecedents” that stimulate cell generation in the hair follicles, boosts hair growth and promotes healthier and thicker hair. You can find numerous ways to prepare a hair mask from methi seeds online, and you can also add in some other ingredients into the mix to boost its effects on your hair.

  • Switch Shampoos

You don’t just need a shampoo; you need a hair care expert that will supplement your hair follicles with the vital nutrients it needs to produce thicker and shiner hair. If you’re thinking about going for nothing but the best, then you pick either Pantene Bamboo Shampoo or the Pantene Long Black Shampoo. The essential ingredients they contain will nourish your hair from root to tips, strengthen your strands, make them flexible and restore their lustre. So just include this in your hair care regime and say hello to more open hair days.

  • Amla Juice

 Amla juice packs a variety of ingredients that will help you grow thick hair naturally. Its key components include vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants that will enhance the blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen protein, which stimulates the length and volume of your hair. It also boosts cell generation in the hair follicles that leads to the development of healthier and stronger strands.

So, with that, we have reached the end, folks. See which remedy suits your hair the best, and hopefully, your dream of flaunting those thick tresses will finally transcend into reality.