Some Of The Important Tips On How To Prevent Lice From The Hair?

There are a series of basic measures that everyone affected, especially children and parents, should learn to prevent infection. It is essential to be well informed!

Get Them Used To Combing Their Hair At Home

We must accustom them to combing their hair at home after showering with a cleaner and teach them to detect if they have them. Personal hygiene is essential and, small, they should be aware of it said by Lice Doctors Fort Myers, FL.

Wear Your Hair Up

If they have long hair, it is better to wear it up in pigtails or braids as tight as possible so that no hair is loose. In any case, the shorter their hair, the better. Another option is using scarves or hats when playing in a group. In this case, the garments should be inspected after use and, of course, prevented from being exchanged by children.

Provide Them With Their Grooming Supplies

Each child should have their brush and towel at home and school and not share them. It is also advisable to store your sweaters and jackets in the backpack instead of hanging them on the hangers, as the distance between them is minimal.

Apply Conditioner

It is advisable to apply conditioner as a final step because it makes fixing the cement that anchors the nits to the hair is challenging. It is also helpful to moisten the hair with children’s cologne daily or apply hairspray or gel. Likewise, we can use other products with repellent properties, such as tea tree oil or pure essence of lavender, citronella, or geranium.

Check Heads Periodically

Do not forget that the best prevention is the periodic review. Take a few minutes a week to thoroughly inspect your child’s scalp. The most suitable time is after the hair has been washed, as it will be more manageable and, in addition, lice move more difficult with wet hair.

Remember that you have to search all over the head, not just around the nape or behind the ears. It is advisable to inspect a window to take better advantage of the sunlight and use a light-colored comb to facilitate detection.

If you have a scrubber according to Lice Doctors Fort Myers, FL, run it through your hair strand by strand, from the base of the hair to the tip, and observe it before reinserting it. Otherwise, you can use a typical comb and check the scalp by making a part followed by another part (each half a centimeter from the previous one).