Tips For An Easier Digital Detox

Our smartphones and devices have become essential in our lives for communication, entertainment, and work. However, excessive screen time is increasingly shown to be harmful to our wellbeing, which emphasizes the need to find peace while offline.

In order to strike this balance between online and offline time, consider some of the tips below help reduce screen time and make digital detoxing easier.

One of the primary reasons to reach for the phone is out of boredom or due to notifications. Limiting what types of notifications will make alerts for you to hear can help curb this habit.

Start by turning off push notifications, especially for non-essential apps like games and music. Additionally, designate times to turn off notifications entirely, using do-not-disturb mode to focus on tasks or enjoy tech-free activities.

Creating tech-free areas at home can also aid in digital detoxing. Many people find that making the bedroom a device-free zone improves their sleep and relationships. Similarly, consider making the kitchen table or patio no-phone areas.

While cutting out screen time completely is challenging, begin by limiting yourself to one screen at a time. For instance, you can work on completing any 750 piece puzzles for adults or an interesting craft project while watching TV instead of scrolling through social media.

Planning tech-free activities for the whole family, such as board game nights, bike rides, or camping trips, is another great way to reduce device usage.

For more tips on digital detoxing, check out the accompanying resource.

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