How To Treat Dogs Ear Infection At Home

Just like humans, dogs too are prone to ear infections but as pet parents, one might often wonder whether they can use the same ear drops as theirs for their pet? Remember that dogs might respond to the drugs or chemicals differently and the medications might not work as well as it does with humans.  Avoid making this mistake and first focus on the situation and know whether it is an ear infection or just the regular scratching.

Signs that it is an ear infection

Everyone wants to avoid regular visits with the vet so it is better to be sure whether or not the dog needs to visit the vet. The symptoms that an individual should look forward to ensure whether it’s an ear infection are:

        Constant scratching

        Bad odor

        Swelling or redness

        a discharge or liquid might ooze out of the affected area

        loss of balance / the dog might not walk straight

        crustiness or scrubbing in the ear

        loss of hair in the affected part

The dog might also seem depressed and subdued and might as well ignore the calls.

How to clean the ears

One can only achieve healthy canine ears with regular examining and cleaning of the pet’s ears. A canine does not have a straight ear canal which means it would be tricky to clean those ears. Start by holding a cotton swab between the index finger and thumb. Lift the dog’s ears and push the cotton downward and gradually scoop it upwards. Do this until all the wax is cleaned up.

Ear spray at home

After cleaning the debris from the ears, one needs to ensure that the ear infection is avoided. Well, the best way to do that is by using coconut oil for dogs ears.

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for both humans and dogs. For the dogs, it acts as a flea and tick repellent and is a very safe alternative to the chemicals used for tick removal. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory which means it will speed up the cellular repair process. It is also antibacterial and antifungal which helps in preventing any infection. The question is how to use coconut oil for dog ears?

An individual should not make the mistake of dripping the oil directly into the dog’s ears as it might end up collecting in the ear canal causing more wax to form.  It is better to use a light spray mist in this situation.

To make the mist one might need to add these ingredients in a 14 ounces amber spray bottle and use it twice or thrice a week in their dog’s ears.

        15 drops of Lavender oil

        15 drops of Basil oil

        15 drops of Geranium oil

        15 drops of Frankincense oil

        Fill the rest of the bottle with cold pressed coconut oil.


This spray mist has turned out to be a game-changer for many pet owners so try using it on a regular basis to avoid ear infection of your fur baby in the future.